Parents, it is important to check the cameras before calling to see if the courts are wet. By taking a moment to glance at the cameras, you can save yourself time and effort by confirming the condition of the courts. This simple action allows you to make informed decisions and ensures that your child can enjoy a safe and suitable environment for their activities. Stay proactive and utilize the available technology to keep everyone happy and active.

Weather Update: Please select the link below to view our courts LIVE for inclement weather or lessons. This will allow you to see what condition the courts are in and if it will be possible for classes to be held.

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Court 2:

For the weather forecast, please click on the weather link below:

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Winter Session Nov 6, 2023 – Feb 11, 2024

Our Winter Academy November 6, 2023 – February 11, 2024 session is now open on our website for registration HERE


(New Class added under the High Performance Program. Ages 13-21. For intense tournament players with at least four years competitive experience, along with a USTA NorCal ranking.)


(Ages: 5-10. For players with little to no experience, seeking to develop basic skills, techniques, and game strategies.)


(Ages 8-15. For students with some experience playing tennis, who obtain a basic understanding of the game, and are beginning to enter in novice to challenger level tournaments.)


(Ages 10-13. Tournaments players holding at least two years of competitive experience, aspiring to develop and improve their game to progress to the next level.)


(Ages 13-21. For intense tournament players with at least four years competitive experience, along with a USTA NorCal ranking.)


(Ages: 13-21. Invitation Only)


12 weeks from November to February

• Week 1 Nov 6 to 12

• Week 2 Nov 13 to 19

• Week 3 Nov 20 to 26 (No class on Nov 23 & 24 26 for Thanksgiving)

• Week 4 Nov 27 to Dec 3

• Week 5 Dec 4 to 10

• Week 6 Dec 11 to 17

• Week 7 Dec 18 to 24 (No Class on Dec 22 until January 7 for Christmas and New Year)

• Week 8 Jan 8 to 14

  Week 9 Jan 15 to 21

  Week 10 Jan 22 to 28

  Week 11 Jan 29 to Feb 4

  Week 12 Feb 5 to Feb 11

Makeup and Refund Policy

All payments are due before the first day of class. Late fees of 7% of your total will apply 5 days after the session begins.

During the school year, we offer programs for sessions that last 10-16 weeks. If you register up to 3 weeks after the session has started, you will not receive a prorated fee. You will pay the full fee but you will be allowed to attend make-ups for all the missed classes during the first 3 weeks. If you miss more than 3 weeks, then you can sign up for the rest of the season using our drop-in option.

Make ups:

• It is important to notify us in advance, or before the class starts, if your child will be absent to qualify for a makeup class. You may email at or call/text 650-860-4366 to notify us of your child’s absence.

• The academy is not responsible for cancellations due to last-minute events at your child’s school. In case of sickness, injury, or scheduling conflicts, a makeup class is available based on class availability. However, please note that makeup classes are not guaranteed.

• Makeup class arrangements require a 96-hour advance notice to allow us sufficient time to handle staffing.

• If you have enrolled for all available days in a session and cannot accommodate a makeup, a credit to your account for missed classes due to sickness or injury can be provided.

• Makeup classes are not transferrable to the next season and must be completed within the current season. It is recommended to complete the makeup class as soon as possible and not wait until the end of the season. This ensures availability and allows for a more flexible scheduling process.


•Any cancellation two weeks or more before the first day of classes/camp, will result in a refund minus 20% of the camp cost.

• No refunds will be given for cancellations within two weeks of the class start date unless the participant has an illness or injury.

• To qualify for a refund, the participant must provide a note from their medical provider, along with a signed statement from the parent or legal guardian confirming its authenticity and medical professional endorsement. Meeting both requirements will result in a 50% refund.

• All processing fees (4% from online transactions) are non-refundable.

• If class/camp is canceled by the academy due to Covid, we will issue a full refund minus any processing fees during checkout.

High Performance Top Level Players clas has a no make up or refunds policies. Make ups are only allowed if the class is canceled dur to rain

Given the prevalence of vaccination and natural immunity for COVID-19, Silicon Valley Tennis Academy is dropping the COVID-19 vaccination requirement starting April 10, 2023. The academy however strongly recommends vaccination and bi-valent boosters for all participants.


Summer Camp 2024 

Our Summer Camp 2024 details will be posted on December.

Summer Programs:
No refunds will be allowed, but students may be able to make up missed camp days if there’s availability.

Thank you for your understanding.



Please sign up online to secure your spot. Please make sure to wear a mask when you walk in or if you are not playing. Thank you so much!

Sign up online here!

2019-04-11 04.25.43

Enhance your performance

Who says that only the pro players can enjoy the game at full potential? Let’s put some work into it and see how it becomes real right in front of our eyes!

We serve the areas:

  • Mountain View,
  • Palo Alto,
  • Los Altos,
  • Sunnyvale,
  • Cupertino,
  • San Jose,

and the entire South Bay Area!

Come join us!  Click HERE to sign up online and save your spot.



 Silicon Valley Tennis Academy is dedicated to providing high quality tennis instruction and training for players of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner, on your high-school team, or a nationally ranked competitor, our tailored programs teach you the skills and knowledge to continuously improve as an athlete. It is our mission to create hardworking, well-rounded players and to instill a new appreciation for the game of tennis. In an environment that encourages intensity, we challenge our students mentally and physically, to build personal confidence while reaching new levels of athletic skill.


Our objective is to be the best tennis center in the region. We strive to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for all students while encouraging their mental and physical self. We believe in the love of tennis and offer programs for people of all ability to also instill in them the love of the game. As a local company we aim to have a positive impact in our community through teaching with compassion, support and patience, and as we continue to grow so will our impact.


2019-04-11 04.26.07

Francisco Ruiz (Owner – from San Jose)

Francisco Ruiz is an (ITF) International Federation High Performance Coach which is the highest ranking certification offered to coaches. A respectable accomplishment and a gratifying journey, Francisco strives to share the knowledge gained to train nationally and world-recognized players.

Francisco has also been the traveling coach for many ATP and WTA professionals, where he picked up the subtle nuance that he takes to the courts, furthering his already accomplished training technique.

He served as the Director of the Mexico City Multicultural Exchange Program and was the first Latino to be on the USTA NorCal Board of Directors in 2006. In 2004, he was awarded the Diversity Leadership award for his outstanding coaching, and in 2010 he was presented with the prestigious Trailblazer award for his lifelong service in the minority tennis community.

Francisco has been playing tennis for over 50 years, competed in USTA tournaments and has made USTA champions and tournaments champions. For over 35 years, he has been a dedicated coach across the Bay Area and has established branch academies in Santa Clara (new branch in Kona Kai)  and Mountain View (we serve the entire South Bay Area – San Jose, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Mountain View, Palo Alto, etc.) the home for some of the top ranked players in Northern California. His interests include his family, teaching his two sons tennis, and attending the US Open every year.

His coaching philosophy embodies the belief that the path to professional-level competition takes 10 years of committed effort and a cumulative 10,000 hours of practice. This framework also applies to the journey of elevating a recreational player to a 3.5 NTRP level, requiring approximately 1,000 hours of dedicated instruction.

In practical terms, if a player dedicates one hour per week to lessons (accounting for 52 weeks per year), achieving the goal would span 20 years. Francisco’s guidance to those he has coached emphasizes consistent engagement in tennis activities, ideally three to four times a week. This approach, he suggests, is a realistic strategy for an individual with average talent to attain a low intermediate level within a timeframe of 5 to 6 years.

Bilingual: English – Spanish



Edgar Marin (from Costa Rica)

USPTA Certified – Edgar is an international tennis player with 30 years of coaching experience. His ability to demonstrate and teach both physical, technical and mental aspects of the game are phenomenal.  His professional business background is to ensure program development, operations and public relations.

Bilingual: English – Spanish


Anthony Carpio (from Cupertino)

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, Anthony Carpio can help you learn the basics of tennis or help you reach your competitive goals. A highly sought after tennis pro in the Bay Area, he has taken many junior and adult tennis teams to state, regional and national championships. Anthony has been teaching for more than 15 years and is a certified tennis professional with USPTA and continues to compete in USTA tournaments.

Anthony is the tennis pro at Silicon Valley Tennis and Rinconda Hills Country Club. You can also find him teaching adult clinics at Silver Creek Country Club. He also teaches the Middle School tennis team in Cupertino. In 2010, his team at Lawson not only went to the Regional Championships for the first time in the schools’ history, they won the Championships.








Gabriel Peres Pimentel (Brazil, Brasilia. Also with Portuguese citizenship)

Fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Former professional tennis player ranked on ATP. Co-Author of Tennis Teaching Methodology, PI Squared – a science based methodology.
Co-Founder of GSET – Gabriel Sports Engineering for Tennis
Training company specialized on developing young players , reaching for
excellency through its own methodology. GPTCA B level.

Gabriel will join our team on July 21st 2021 and he will lead the Core Skills Level & High Performance.

Our history





Adult Clinics

Junior Clinics

Private Lessons



Rising Stars (RS) I & II

This class is tailored for students with little to no experience playing tennis. Students will be playing with a ball that bounces lower and moves slower through the air, making it easier to hit at a comfortable height, while also providing more time between shots to prepare for the next ball. Players will be taught basic skills of the game, in addition to development an enjoyment for the sport.


This class will continue to use either red, orange, or green dot balls, as players continue to develop basic level technique and tactics. In this stage, players will start to incorporate simple footwork and movement around the court, in addition to having an introduction to game strategy. Players at this level will feel more at ease hitting the ball with more speed, accuracy, and consistency.

Fundamentals (FS)­ I & II


Students in this class will be playing with regular yellow balls. The class is for players who have had some experience playing tennis, and is able to rally with other students. At this stage, students are beginning to enter novice level tournaments, and will start to participate in more practice matches, to develop and improve their game


This next level of class is for those who are more familiar with match play, and are looking to learn different types of shots and footwork to expand their game. Students in this class will be doing more advanced drills as they learn to become a more well-rounded player. In this stage, juniors are expected to be able to play full length matches and incorporate skills they have learned during class, in a pressure environment.

Core Skills (CS)­ I & II


Players in this class are participating in challenger-level tournaments, with at least two years of competitive match-play experience, and are more serious about advancing their game. Students will be conditioning to work on increasing their fitness level, as well as continuing to learn more on-court strategies and tactics. This class is designed to teach students to play and focus at a higher level, in order to start seeing better results in tournaments.


Juniors at this level are beginning to play open level tournaments, and have a greater intent and aspiration to progress their game to the next level. At this stage, classes will be held at a higher intensity level, while more conditioning and complex drills will be incorporated in the class. Students will learn more advanced strokes to add to their skill-set, as well as which style of play fits their preference and abilities best.

High Performance (HP) I & II


Student in this class are playing at the championship tournament levels, and have an official USTA Norcal ranking. Players in this class have already developed a style of play, and are seeking to improve their game to reach the top level. Classes will have an even greater concentration on fitness, as drills will proceed at a quicker pace, while incorporating a greater range of shots, and using a wider range of the court simultaneously.


This is our highest level of class, and is more players competing in national tournaments or looking to progress to play college tennis or the professional circuit. A large portion of this class will include conditioning, while players excel towards obtaining a solid grasp on the necessary footwork and technique needed in higher level, and broadening their match-play expertise. Students will be training at the upmost intensity level, working to increase their court agility, speed, power, endurance, and competitive mindset.