This year, Silicon Valley Tennis is providing a new program in which coaches will be
traveling to tournaments in which our students are competing in. The objective behind
implementing this program, is to further advance our students’ skill set, as well as to
ensure students are retaining the most productivity and value from our academy. ! !
Our coaches will be attending a total of 8 tournaments throughout the year and we
encourage students to attend this SVT attended events. This program will allow coaches to
observe, take notes, analyze, and coach students (for instance, during split sets) at these
select events; afterall, in reality, not all players compete or play the same way during
matches as they do on the practice court. !!

Below is a list of pre-selected tournaments that coaches will be traveling to this year.
Students are to inform the coach of the date, time, and location of their match. In certain
cases, coaches may be able to warm-up with the student before their match and
discuss strategies, in order to prepare the student of maintain the right mindset.
Coaches will attend as many matches a player has in the tournament as possible. In the event
that more than one student is competing at the same time or different locations, coaches will
rotate watching as much of each match as possible. In some instances video equipment will be left
to record one or both matches so analysis can be down at a later time !!

The cost of this program will be $100 per tournament/event, or $500 for the entire year,
to cover travel and video equipment expenses. !!


Tournament Dates                       Tournament Name

February 14-16; 21-22                   Sylvano Tennis Academy: February

February 28-March 01                   Fremont Tennis Center

February 28-March 01                   Niru’s Tennis Academy Junior

March 28-29; April 04-05               Niru’s Tennis Academy Junior

April 11-12; 18-19                          Cupertino Junior

April 11-12; 18-19                          Sylvano Tennis Academy: April

April 25-26; May 02-03                  Niru’s Tennis Academy Junior

May 02-03                                     San Jose State Junior

May 02-03; 09-10                          City of Fremont Junior

May 09-10; 16-17                          Sylvano Tennis: Mother’s Day

May 16-17                                     Niru’s Tennis Academy Junior

May 23-25                                     USTA National Selection (Stanford & Portola Valley)

May 23-25; 30-31                          Bay Club SF Tennis Junior

May 23-25; 30-31                          Cupertino Junior

June 06-07; 13-16                         NorCal Junior Sectional (all locations)

June 13-14                                    Tahoe Donner 6th Annual Summer

June 15-19                                    Sylvano Tennis Academy: June Junior

June 22-26                                    Saratoga Junior

June 29-July 03                             Cupertino Junior

July 04-05; 11-12                          Niru’s Tennis Academy Junior

July 06-10                                     Sylvano Tennis Academy: July Junior

July 13-17                                     City of Oakland Junior

July 18-19                                     Jensen Redondo

July 20-24                                     110th Annual San Francisco Junior

July 25-28                                     Fremont Tennis Center

July 25-28                                     Cupertino Junior

July 27-31                                     Sylvano Junior

July 27-31                                     Bay Club SF Tennis Junior

August 01-02; 08-09                     Bay Club SF Tennis Junior

August 03-07                                Alpine Hills Junior

August 15-16; 22-23                    Cupertino Junior

August 15-16; 22-23                    Niru’s Tennis Academy Junior

September 05-06                         Niru’s Tennis Academy Junior

September 12-13                         Tahoe Donner 7th Annual Fall

September 19-20; 26-27              NorCal Junior Sectional (all locations)

September 19-20; 26-27              Alameda High Junior

September 19-20; 26-27              Brookside Junior

September 26-27/October 03-04 Bay Club SF Tennis Junior

October 10-12; 17-18                    Niru’s Tennis Academy Junior

October 24-25/31-November 01   Fremont Junior

October 24-25/31-November 01   Sylvano Tennis Halloween

October 24-25/31-November 01   Bay Club SF Tennis Junior

October 24-25/31 November 01   Cupertino Junior

November 07-08                            NorCal Junior Sectional (all locations)

November 07-08; 14-15                 Cupertino Junior

November 07-08; 14-15                 Niru’s Tennis Academy Junior

November 21-22                             Fremont Tennis Center

November 21-22                            Jensen Redondo

December 05-06; 12-13                 Sylvano December

December 05-06; 12-13                 Cupertino Junior

December 27-30                            Cupertino Junior

December 27-30                            Jensen Redondo


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