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Savannah and Kyle's Journey

Sending massive congratulations to our very own Savannah and Kyle @kyogre_tennis for making us proud at the Las Vegas Darling Memorial National Championship

Savannah took home the GOLD in doubles and battled her way to an impressive SILVER in singles while Kyle lands a stellar 2nd place in the singles and a dominant 3rd place in the doubles.

Both players have displayed incredible dedication on the court both as a teammate and solo competitor.

We witnessed incredible focus, powerful strokes and a fighting spirit that wouldn’t quit!

These huge accomplishments make us proud as a family at the Silicon Valley Tennis Academy.

Bronte's Journey

 Huge shout out to Bronte for absolutely CRUSHING it at the Las Vegas Darling Memorial National Championship!

Taking home 1st place in doubles AND securing a phenomenal 2nd place in singles is an incredible accomplishment, Bronte!

Your dedication, sportsmanship, and talent were on full display on the court, and I couldn’t be more proud to coach such a phenomenal athlete.

I’m incredibly proud of you for achieving such amazing results and representing the Silicon Valley Tennis Academy with such class.

This is just the beginning for you, Bronte – keep your eye on the prize and keep winning!

If you want to join us or want your kids to join us at the academy.

Cameron's journey

After countless hours of practice, he conquered the competition and emerged as the undisputed champion.

Cameron’s journey to success has been marked by practice, dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His remarkable performance on the court showcases not only his exceptional skills but also his passion for the game.

Join us in applauding this rising tennis sensation!
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Pranav Tatavarti and Guha Sriram

Congratulations to Pranav Tatavarti and Guha Sriram for finishing first and second in their respective flights at the Silicon Valley Tennis UTR Tournament. Both players produced great match play throughout the weekend and their results of working hard in training paid off. Congratulations!


BELLA did it again!!! She won her 2nd title in a WEEK this Saturday – Champion ClubSport Fremont 12U! CONGRATULATIONS Bella! You are a rockstar!!!!

Armando Sotelo

Meet Armando Sotelo, our 12 year old Champion! Work hard while having fun getd you far!