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Silicon Valley Tennis has partnered with The Tennis Lab, to provide on-site videography and photography to all our players. With the recording of a player’s stroke, technique, footwork, or game play, coaches are able to sit down with students to dissect their game and pinpoint exactly what the student needs to improve their game. As most students learn best visually, it is integral for students to watch themselves play, in order to completely understand what a coach is asking of them. Hence, with video analysis, a player will more like be able to advance their level at a quicker pace.

Another service that The Tennis Lab offers is providing college recruiting videos. Silicon Valley Tennis has consistently taken in young student and seeing them off to college. For players who would like to enhance their college application and play college tennis, a college recruiting video is just what they need to stand-out.  The Tennis Lab’s utilizes the latest professional equipment to produce high quality videos. Players can be guaranteed that their video will highlight their game and draw coaches’ attention. As we know how important college applications are, The Tennis Lab will take as much time and effort as it takes to create a video that will captivate any given college tennis coach.

To arrange for a recording of college recruit video, put in a request via an email and we will schedule for recording.

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