This program is, in essence, equivalent to 4 private lessons. Throughout each meeting with the student, coaches will provide in-depth notes, video analysis of both the student as well as professional tour tennis players, and additional recommendations to help guide students for progression/advancement within the next three months.

The development analysis consists of:

  • a one-hour, on court evaluation with a coach
    • this first meeting is for the coach to assess a player’s capabilities, including their knowledge of the game,     technique, movement around the court, and skill level of various shots
  • two practice matches (@ Silicon Valley Tennis)
    • after the second practice match, a one-on-one analysis between the coach and student will follow; the analysis will include a  video review of the match, in addition to a discussion of the coach’s notes taken during the match.
  • a 30min on court session
    •  students will be provided with homework, exercises, and drills that will improve their game
    • by the end of the fourth meeting, we encourage students to practice those certain “areas of improvement” either at our group clinic, or to schedule further private lessons to ensure a steady progression through the development of their game

This year with the introduction of our tournament Travel Team, we encourage players to also sign up this unique service that only Silicon Valley Tennis offers (for more information, go to our Travel Team” tab).


Rate: $350 per student


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