Silicon Valley Tennis is hosting a challenge ladder, open to all our students. Due to the varying levels across all our students, we will conduct two different types of ladders-traditional ladder and pyramid ladder.

Ladder –  The purpose behind a challenge ladder is to provide a concurrent competition, with the goal being to get (and stay) at the top of the ladder. Competitors are able to challenge each other, with the winner moving up the ladder, and the defeated player moving down the ladder.

Pyramid Ladder – A pyramid ladder is much like a traditional ladder. The only difference being, a pyramid ladder allows for a greater number of competitors, as well as more movement within the ladder.


Pyramid Ladder Guidelines:

– Players can challenge a competitor from a level above.

– Before challenging a player from the level above, a player must win a match from a player in the same level

– Competitors can challenge every player who is placed on the left side or players above. When the challenger wins he/she can take the place of the other player. When placed on the very left of a level, only the  players above can be challenged. The player on the furthest left of any level in the pyramid, is considered the highest rank player on  that particular level. Hence the goal of a pyramid ladder is to move left and up.

Pyramid Illustration

For Example…                                                                               Player A has the top spot of the pyramid, while Player B has the number two spot on the pyramid, and so on. In order for Player J (at the bottom of the pyramid) to get to the top of the ladder, Player J must first challenge either Player I, H, or G. If Player J wins that match, Player J will then be able to challenge either Player F, E, or D. Let’s say, Player J defeats Player D; at that point, Player J can only challenge either Player B or C, (not Players E or F). Player J will continue to challenge (and hopefully win) competitors to the left side first, then challenge a player above, to eventually reach Player A’s position.

A Few Rules to Keep In Mind:

– Matches (including location and date/time) will be organized by players on their own time.

– Players may only challenge two spots above them (if participating in the traditional ladder).

– All players must accept and complete a challenge within 7 days. If not, the challenged player will forfeit the match and subsequently their spot on the ladder.

– After a match, inform Silicon Valley Tennis within 48 hours of the result or the match must be replayed.

– If a player has not played a challenge match in 30 days, the player will be disqualified from the ladder

Ladder Divisions:

Championship (for High Performance players only)

Championship 13 & Under

Challenger 13 & Over

Challenger 13 & Under

Green Ball

Note: Match format will be an 8 game pro-set for Green Ball and Challenger 12 & Under. Championship and Challenger 12 & Over will be playing 2 out of 3 sets, with a tiebreak third set.

*** How to Enroll: Simply send us an email stating the player’s name, age, and desired division.


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