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RED BALL class for 3-5 year old players!


August 19th to October 10th

8 week program, on Monday from 3:15PM to 4PM                            

Pricing: 8 weeks for only $200


Rising Stars I

This class is tailored for students with little to no experience playing tennis. Students will be playing with a ball that bounces lower and moves slower through the air, making it easier to hit at a comfortable height, while also providing more time between shots to prepare for the next ball. Players will be taught basic skills of the game, in addition to developing an enjoyment for the sport.

Rising Stars II

This class will continue to use either red, orange, or green dot balls, as players continue to develop basic level technique and tactics. In this stage, players will start to incorporate
simple footwork and movement around the court, in addition to having an introduction to game strategy. Players at this level will feel more at ease hitting the ball with more speed, accuracy, and consistency.

Fundamentals I

Students in this class will be playing with regular yellow balls. The class is for players who have had some experience playing tennis, and is able to rally with other students. At this stage, students are beginning to enter novice level tournaments, and will start to participate in more practice matches, to develop and improve their game

Fundamentals II

This next level of class is for those who are more familiar with match play, and are looking to learn different types of shots and footwork to expand their game. Students in this class will be doing more advanced drills as they learn to become a more well-rounded player. In this stage, juniors are to play full length matches and incorporate skills they have learned during class, in a pressure environment.

Core Skills I

Players in this class are participating in challenger-level tournaments, with at least two years of competitive match-play experience, and are more serious about advancing their game. Students will be conditioning to work on increasing their fitness level, as well as continuing to learn more on-court strategies and tactics. This class is designed to teach students to play and focus at a higher level, in order to start seeing better results in tournaments.

Core Skills II

Juniors at this level are beginning to play open level tournaments, and have a greater intent and aspiration to progress their game to the next level. At this stage, classes will be held at a higher intensity level, while more conditioning and complex drills will be incorporated in the class. Students will learn more advanced strokes to add to their skill-set, as well as which style of play fits their preference and abilities best.

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