Golden Fall classes Canceled Today due to poor air quality- Oct 1st

Dear Parents,

We hope you are all doing well despite the poor air quality.

The well-being and safety of your children is always our top priority and for that reason,  we are canceling today’s classes.

We will provide you with information for a make-up class in the near future.  We will have a better idea of make up dates once the air quality returns to normal.

Thank you have a great rest of your day.

Kind Regards,

Silicon Valley Tennis

(650) 260-8366

(650) 924-3085 (direct to Francisco Ruiz)


Silicon Valley Tennis Academy is open today, November 20th! The air quality improved noticeably, so we are waiting for you to get back on the court!

Big Win, More to Come

We haven’t been posting in a while, but as a big come-back we need to inform you about two outstanding results that these guys have achieved lately:

Christopher Cortes Mohri who won the L1B RWTT October Championships at 18 years old

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-13 at 6.01.37 PM

And this amazing article about Nitzan Ricklis that got beyond everyone’s expectations, earning the Northern California Mens Open Player of the Year title!

Well done guys! Wish you the best in the future competitions!

Mubadala Silicon Valley Classic

As promised, when big events take place, SVTA brings their players to attend them. Out of the amazing experience of seeing the tennis stars live, some of our players even got on the tennis court with them!


Fall Program and Recognition

Silicon Valley Tennis Academy is ready for the new challanges that are going to come this Fall! Are you ready?

Final Fall Flyer

We also want to share our recognition for the tennis players that worked so hard this summer in the camp. We are really proud to see improvement and determination.


“Dear Parents and Players,


As we approach the end of our summer program, the coaching team at SVTA would like to thank all the players for a terrific summer season. Our players have worked incredibly hard, always putting their best foot forward and giving every ounce of their energy, day after day. It has been extremely exciting to see the improvements that each player has made. We would like to highlight several players in particular who have gone above and beyond this summer to push their game to the next level. Futa, Anthony, Ajay, Emily, Glenda, Mandy, Miu, and Isabella have individually committed 5+ hours a day (totaling nearly 250 hours each!) training both on and off the court, and the results show. Because of their consistency, hard work, dedication, and commitment, they have made tremendous improvements in all aspects of their game. More importantly, we can see that these players have developed a much deeper understanding and genuine love for the game. The coaches at SVTA are so proud of all our players, and we are excited to see this hard work continue through the fall season!



Silicon Valley Tennis Academy “


Fun is mandatory in the process of creating champions!

Who says that being good means only sweat and struggle? From time to time a little break helps everybody come back on the path to success. So what about a pool break and some burgers?

Hard work pays off! <3

Emily won her open tournament! I won’t talk about how many hours of tennis this girl spent on the court in the last weeks because her future results will talk! You made us proud Emily!

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-04 at 1.59.32 PM.jpeg