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What is “The Tennis Lab Method”?

Developed by Head Coach Tsalani, “The Tennis Lab Method” is a systematic approach for students, parents, and coaches to work together in achieving the same unified goal for a player. The utilization of this practice in a training environment will bring structure, discipline, and exponential growth to a player’s game level. Students and parents will know exactly how a player is progression through the program, in addition to knowing how to move forward and ahead to the next level. With established standards, goals, and lesson plans, all parties involved in a player’s development will be able to track their progression within the tennis program. “The Tennis Lab Method” is for classes of all size, ages, and abilities.

What can you expect from “The Method”?

Before starting a particular program, players will be asked to define their intentions and goals of training at Silicon Valley Tennis. With both short and long term goals set, coaches will then be able to tailor their lessons and teaching styles toward individual players. Students will then be presented with a syllabus for which the coach will follow all through the development of a particular player until they have advanced to the next level. Each class level will have different class standards, all of which are stepping stones to help students advance their game. These syllabi are not time-line dependent, as each and every student is unique and learns at a different rate. However, students and parents will be able to know how far along in the training program a player is at, based on the syllabus given to the student. Parents will be receiving regular progress reports from coaches, to ensure all parties are in sync in the player’s training.

Aspects of “The Tennis Lab Method”

  • Support System – A typical support team at the junior level consists of the player, a coach, and the parent(s). Having the necessary people around a player and in concurrence with each other, is the foundation to success, as a child’s development is a team effort.
  • Self Analysis – Before a student can hone their skills, he/she must recognize the type of tennis player they are (or would like to be). In doing so, players will be able to work with their coach in developing weak areas, as well as strengthening individual weapons.
  • Training Plan – Each player shall gather with their support team to establish objectives to work towards. Students will review and analyze various scopes of their game to determine areas of improvement (including mental toughness, strategic, fitness, technical, etc.)
  • Training Regimen – The coach will create a syllabus/outline for a particular student. This will serve as a model to help guide the student, as well as the coach, throughout the course of the training. Once a player as completed all steps of the curriculum, the player will be ready to advance to the next stage of training.
  • Training Programs – Students will partake in a serious of various training to evolve their overall game, as the game of tennis require more than ball contact. Each  training program will be vital part of our daily practice session.
    • Physical Training – Especially as the pace of the game is increasing, having a higher fitness level will greatly assist players in their advancement. Coaches will be conducting exercises to increase a player’s strength, stamina, and endurance.File Aug 05, 10 07 06 PM
    • Mental Training – Tennis is 50% a mental sport; hence from initiation players will have to start working on their mental toughness and discipline.
    • Footwork – Along with fitness, it is vital to learn and understand the intricate movement a typical tennis player makes around the court. Footwork training will include balance, agility, speed, and technique.
    • Matchplay – Enrolling players into tournaments or even practice matches is an effective way to observe the extent of a student’s training and their retainment level. In a match setting, players will have to utilize everything that they have learned in training. Therefore, parents are encouraged to organize match play for the student. Silicon Valley Tennis also as a Travel Team program in which coaches will observe a player’s tournament event.
  • Video Analysis and Progress Report – A large part of “The Tennis Lab Method” involves periodic progress reports. This is a time in which the support team will gather to discuss the advancement of a player. Coaches and students will review pre-established objectives to ensure players are still on track to meeting their goals and expectations. Progress reports will include video of players in action, to determine the level of improvement. Players will be videoed throughout training, for analysis of technique, strategy, and overall play.



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